“I have worked with David Click for over five years. He is professional, kind, patient and extremely thorough.
David has handled numerous requests and projects in a timely fashion for me. He is respectful and sensitive to highly personal issues and always has a solution. David and his team are truly the best!”

- Lisa F.

“As someone who has never had any legal issues before and really did not have any knowledge of how the legal system works or how to confront a litigious opponent. I chose [David’s prior law firm] to represent me because of their reputation. David was selected to represent me and I really couldn’t ask for better representation or better results. David carefully evaluated my situation, and most importantly, noticed immediately what the real issue was and how to proceed. David did a great job of exposing the facts from the fiction and presented a very clear concise defense against a more experienced opponent. David is extremely personable, trustworthy and honest with his clients.”

- Paul E.

“David helped me navigate the RMV appeals process after I had my license suspended for failure to take a breathalyzer test. The RMV appeals process is very frustrating and based on my experience, usually not very successful. David helped me with my initial appeal hearing, then with another appeal to the three person review board at the RMV and ultimately at the state Superior Court to challenge the RMV’s interpretation of their own laws. David put together a very thorough and well written argument to present to the court. While the court didn’t agree with us, I believe this case was important in putting some pressure on the RMV to change the way they enforce their own administrative penalties. A few months after my case ended, the courts decided the RMV was interpreting their laws incorrectly and because of this, my problem was solved. David was excited to take this case when other lawyers I had talked to would not even consider taking on the RMV. He is extremely responsive and understanding of his client’s personal lives.”

- Mike S.

“I wanted to let you know that in all my years in business I have never dealt with an attorney that followed up and followed through the way you have. I felt from the first time we spoke that you had my best interest in mind and you have demonstrated that through the entire process including the email below making sure I received the docket sheet. You are a credit to your profession and I wish much success to you and your firm.”

- Lyle S.

“I was given Attorney Click’s name from another attorney. At the time, I was in drastic need of a lawyer who had criminal experience and knew the law well. I had warrants for my arrest in three separate jurisdictions and time was of the essence for me to take care of my legal problems. I spoke with David on the phone then met with him in person. We went over all the details of the cases, as he was taking notes and asking multiple questions to make sure he thoroughly understood my situation. I was extremely impressed with his knowledge of the law and enthusiasm to help me. I retained his services and am happy to say that it is definitely one of the best decisions I ever made. He immediately went to work, making calls and doing the necessary work to ensure my cases were handled swiftly and professionally. He is definitely a man of action. He always explained exactly what was happening and made sure I understood what was happening every step of the way with all my cases. He always returned my calls and emails usually the same day and spoke with me for as long as necessary every time we spoke.

It is with deep gratitude to say that he gave me the best possible legal representation I could get. The outcome of my cases was better than even I expected. I was impressed every step of the way. As I write this, I am a free man never having to spend one minute behind bars, a miracle given my legal problems. I would not hesitate to recommend Attorney Click to anyone in need of legal assistance.”

An EXTREMELY satisfied client!

- John K.

“Attorney Click has represented me in a number of varied cases over the past three years. Each of which had very favorable outcomes for me.

Though the focus was on the end result, David’s calm and steadfast demeanor and excellent client service was always a comfort during very stressful and upsetting times.”

- Diane A.

“I have had the pleasure of working with David for nearly four years. He has handled numerous matters for me, both civil and criminal. I have worked with other attorneys in the past and I can honestly state beyond any reasonable doubt, that David is the most kind and compassionate attorney I have ever met. He genuinely cares for his clients and he has demonstrated that to me time and time again in the courtroom. He helped me navigate several complex civil and complex criminal cases simultaneously. He zealously represented me and fought for the best possible outcome. To this day, I sincerely believe that David saved my life.

David sets the standard for excellence and professionalism. He is very responsive and made himself available to me outside normal business hours. I never had any issues communicating with him. He never wasted my time nor my money. I will forever owe David a debt of gratitude.”

- Chris C.