Mike S.

June 2, 2022

“David helped me navigate the RMV appeals process after I had my license suspended for failure to take a breathalyzer test. The RMV appeals process is very frustrating and based on my experience, usually not very successful. David helped me with my initial appeal hearing, then with another appeal to the three person review board at the RMV and ultimately at the state Superior Court to challenge the RMV’s interpretation of their own laws. David put together a very thorough and well written argument to present to the court. While the court didn’t agree with us, I believe this case was important in putting some pressure on the RMV to change the way they enforce their own administrative penalties. A few months after my case ended, the courts decided the RMV was interpreting their laws incorrectly and because of this, my problem was solved. David was excited to take this case when other lawyers I had talked to would not even consider taking on the RMV. He is extremely responsive and understanding of his client’s personal lives.”